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Nine of Rudy's Print Editions Moving from Transreal Books to Night Shade Books!

Night Shade Books is going to publish my latest novel, Million Mile Road Trip. They'll also be publishing nine of my backlist novels, which have been in print via my Transreal Books imprint.

I'll still be handing the ebook editions for these books, but my print editions will be redesigned with new covers by the new publisher. And the print Transreal Books editions will be phased out.

The Lifebox, the Seashell, and the Soul :
What Gnarly Computation Taught Me About Ultimate Reality, The Meaning of Life, And How to Be Happy

• "Audacious and simply inimitable. You are inside Rudy Rucker by the end. It’s part biography, part far-out science fiction speculation, part best course-in-computation-ever-taught, part romp through the intellectual frontiers of mathematics and philosophy, part sage wisdom, part blog, part thesis, part genius." — Kevin Kelly

• "Rucker’s stylistic approach is so innovative that even non-techies will enjoy the ride." — San Francisco Chronicle

• "This book will be a classic." — Stephen Wolfram.

• See book's home page for more info and to browse the book online.

Paperback The Lifebox, the Seashell, and the Soul ($14.95) ) Amazon
Ebook The Lifebox, the Seashell, and the Soul ( $2.99). AmazonTransreal Books
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Complete Stories

All of Rudy Rucker's science-fiction stories, a trove of gnarl and wonder. Available as a single ebook or as a two-volume paperback, the new third edition of Complete Stories includes stories from 1976 through 2017. All the tales from The 57th Franz Kafka, Transreal, Gnarl!, Mad Professor, Transreal Cybperpunk... plus twenty-five more. Features collaborations with Bruce Sterling, Marc Laidlaw, Paul Di Filippo, John Shirley, Rudy Rucker Jr., Terry Bisson, and Eileen Gunn. Free web-page version online.

Paperback Complete Stories. Vol I, 1976-1995 ($17) Amazon.   Vol II, 1996-2016 ($17) Amazon.
Ebook Complete Stories 1976-2017 includes Vol I & Vol II. ($3.50) Amazon Transreal Books
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Transreal Cyberpunk

Nine wild, weird, and wondrous stories, written by Rudy Rucker and Bruce Sterling. What do you get if two cyberpunk masters spend thirty years writing tales about transreally  warped versions of themselves? A unique perspective on giant ants, flying jellyfish, Soviet rocketeers, runaway genomics, Silicon Valley, and the death of the Universe. With notes by the authors, and an introduction by Rob Latham.

• See book's home page for more info.

• "This book is unlike any other collaboration I know of in the field, ... the whole is not only greater than the sum of its parts, but wilder, and weirder, and more wondrous. Science fiction is the richer for it." — From Rob Latham’s Introduction.

Transreal Cyberpunk ($29) Amazon.
Paperback Transreal Cyberpunk ($16) Amazon.
Ebook Transreal Cyberpunk ( $1.95) AmazonTransreal Books
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Spacetime Donuts

A plugged-in rebel becomes the incredible shrinking man. Beneath the bottom is the top...and the power to smash the big Machine.

"Hip, humorous, and refreshing." — American Book Review. "It’s all done up in great style and it marks an auspicious debut." — Roanoke Times. "He knows how to boggle the mind and, next chapter, to boggle it again." — Thomas M. Disch.

Paperback Spacetime Donuts ($12.00) Amazon
Ebook Spacetime Donuts ( $1.95). AmazonTransreal Books
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The Sex Sphere

A-bomb + Slacker prof + Sexy hypersphere = Cyberpunk extravaganza! A transreal, outrageous, and comic tale of love, nuclear terrorism and higher dimensions. The true flavor of 1980s punk — spiked with 4D mathematics.

• "Alien invaders tend to squirt acid, go invisible, or drive humongous ships. Not the ones in Rudy Rucker's 1980s classic The Sex Sphere, where an alien named Babs and her crew take the form of disembodied sex organs that attach to human hosts... Only trip-tastic writer Rucker could imagine such a scenario. The best part is that Rucker, a mathematics professor, opens the book with a whole introduction on the fourth dimension and how it works. The aliens, you see, are trying to return to this dimension... If you like your science fiction to contain hard science mixed with bizarro humor, don't miss The Sex Sphere." — Annalee Newitz, io9

Paperback The Sex Sphere ($12.00) Amazon
Ebook The Sex Sphere ( $1.95) Amazon Transreal Books
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The Secret of Life

A love story. But, wait, is our hero a saucer alien? A coming-of-age science fiction novel of the 60s, blending realism and the fantastic in a transreal style.

• "Rucker is an artist well worth discovering, reading, and keeping up with... His novels sparkle with deadpan wit and a natural storyteller’s flair — blending mathematical speculation, such concepts as Hilbert space, rock’n’roll, drugs, and sex with imaginative ideas worthy of H.G.Wells." — Washington Post Book World.

Paperback The Secret of Life ($12.00) . Amazon
Ebook The Secret of Life ( $1.95) Amazon Transreal Books
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White Light

A math prof takes a wild trip to Absolute Infinity and back. Based on the mathematical science of transfinite numbers...with a touch of 1970s acid in the mix.

• "In White Light Rucker commandingly synthesizes mysticism, pop imagery, the Devil Himself, Jesus Christ, the great mathematicians and their ideas, ‘head culture,’ and even voodoo into a novel that takes us on a wild journey to infinity, to the Absolute, and back again. As for sheer writing, there’s probably no one like him." — John Shirley.

White Light ($12.00) Amazon.
Ebook White Light ( $1.95) AmazonTransreal Books
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Saucer Wisdom

A cult novelist named Rudy Rucker investigates an alien abduction...and is drawn into freaky, transreal scenes.

• "Rucker’s sensibility is a combination of gonzo humor, fictionalized autobiography in the Kerouacian mode (what Rucker calls “transrealism”), and the sheer, bugs-in-your-teeth thrill of scientific extrapolation taken to blitz-punk extremes." —

Paperback Saucer Wisdom ($12.00) Amazon.
Ebook Saucer Wisdom ( $1.99) AmazonTransreal Books
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Transreal Trilogy: The Secret of Life, White Light, and Saucer Wisdom

Transrealism is about transmuting an author's ordinary life into SF. Transreal Trilogy contains three of Rudy Rucker's transreal novels, which can also be purchased alone.
• The Secret of Life: A 60s college student learns he’s a saucer alien.
• White Light: A hipster math professor travels to the afterworld.
• Saucer Wisdom: A troubled author tries to write about alien abductions. (With 57 line-drawing illos.)

• See book's home page for more info.

Hardback Transreal Trilogy ($28.00) Amazon. — Barnes & Noble
Transreal Trilogy ($17.00) Amazon. — Barnes & Noble.
Ebook Transreal Trilogy: ( $2.99) Amazon Transreal Books
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Journals 1990-2014

Ride the wave with Rudy Rucker—author, programmer, mathematician, professor, cyberpunk, hipster, transrealist, and family man. A writer's journey into a new century.

• See book's home page for more info.

• "Rucker's 828-page compilation of journal jottings captures, with the proper dose of absurdity, Silicon Valley at the millennium's cusp, a digitized microcosm of the human paradox, simultaneously beautiful and futile, like a wry batch of contaminated ethanol torched by humor. Rucker always surprises. … His Journals shine some 4D sunlight on a human time period when the collective brain punched through former perceived limits with code and chemicals, and which is just now taking its place in a literary context." — San Jose Metro.

Hardback Journals 1990-2014. ($36) Amazon
Journals 1990-2014. ($29.95) Amazon.
Ebook Journals 1990-2014 ( $2.95) AmazonTransreal Books
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Mathematicians in Love

A passionate, lively tale. Two young mathematicians compete for the love of two women across space, time and logic—spinning out Dr. Seuss-like mathematical mumbo jumbo along the way. Our hero Bela befriends a giant jellyfish god, wins his true love, and alters reality in a new way,

• See book's home page for more info.

• "Mathematicians in Love percolates with off-the-wall characters and trippy extra-dimensional shenanigans. Nobody writes math-based science fiction like Rudy Rucker does. He keeps the tone light and the action playful, even as his characters grapple with the meaning of tragedy and the ultimate mechanics of the universe. A definite high point in Rucker’s singular writing career." — San Francisco Chronicle

Paperback Mathematicians in Love ($14.00) Amazon.
Ebook Mathematicians in Love ( $1.95) AmazonTransreal Books
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Jim and the Flims

A wild romp that recasts the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice in the 21st century surf-punk/slacker world of Santa Cruz and — in the afterworld.  Our hero Jim braves this world of “flims” on a quest to bring his wife back to from the dead. This is the Transreal Books edition of the 2011 book published by Night Shade Books.

• See book's home page for more info.

• "Jim and the Flims offers Rucker’s delightfully eccentric and transrealist approach to what turns out to be a kind of modern-day Orpheus tale. It’s often silly and lighthearted, but it’s buoyed by the emotional weight of Jim’s quest, and also by the often beautiful and moving view of life and death. And I can guarantee that it’s probably not at all like anything else you’re going to read this summer."

Paperback Jim and the Flims ($14.00) Amazon.
Ebook Jim and the Flims: ( $1.95) Amazon. — Transreal Books
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All The Visions

All the Visions is a short autobiographical novel that Rucker wrote In 1983. Wanting to emulate Jack Kerouac's composition of On the Road, he typed All the Visions on an 80-foot scroll of paper instead of using separate sheets. The book describes the adventures of Conrad Bunger: mathematician, writer, seeker, rebel, freak.

• See book's home page for more info.

Hardback All The Visions (Less than $21.00) AmazonBarnes & Noble
Paperback All The Visions (Less than $12.00) Amazon.Barnes & Noble
Ebook All The Visions: ($1.95) Amazon Transreal Books
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The Big Aha

Biotech has replaced machines. Qrude young artist Zad Plant works with living paint. But Zad’s career is on the skids, and wife Jane has thrown him out. Enter qwet—or quantum wetware. Qwet makes you high—and it gives you telepathy. A cultural evolution begins. But hungry mouths begin popping out of the air and eating people. Zad and Jane travel through a wormhole to confront the aliens. And they meet something stranger than ever imagined.  (With fourteen chapter illustrations.)

• See book's home page for more info.

• "The Big Aha is pure transreal Ruckeriana featuring extreme biological and quantum technologies, steamy techno-sex, nasty aliens from higher dimensions — all soaked in the unique atmosphere of the magical 1960s. … This is a great example of how science fiction publishing is being redefined. — Giulio Prisco, io9.

Paperback The Big Aha ($16). Amazon Barnes & Noble
Ebook The Big Aha: ($1.95) Amazon Transreal Books
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Notes for The Big Aha

As well as documenting two years of writing a novel, Notes for The Big Aha describes the author’s transition to new modes of publishing. Amusing, inspiring, and worldly wise, these writing notes may prove useful and encouraging for your own creative work, not to mention enhancing your appreciation of The Big Aha novel itself.

• See book's home page for more info.

Notes For The Big Aha ($35, Color illos). Amazon Barnes & Noble
Paperback Notes For The Big Aha ($16) Amazon.
Ebook Notes for The Big Aha ( $1.95) Amazon.

Turing & Burroughs: A Beatnik SF Novel

What if Alan Turing, founder of the modern computer age, escaped assassination by the secret service to become the lover of Beat author William Burroughs? What if they mutated into giant shapeshifting slugs, fled the FBI, raised Burroughs’s wife from the dead, and tweaked the H-bombs of Los Alamos? A wild beatnik adventure, compulsively readable, hysterically funny, with insane warps and twists—and a bad attitude throughout.

• See book's home page for more info.

• "Rucker's novels have ... an angle of attack reminiscent of the Thomas Pynchon of Gravity's Rainbow and the Terry Southern of The Magic Christian. Turing & Burroughs is all of that and more. Much more. It is Rudy Rucker's most ambitious novel and it is a success. ... Rucker being Rucker, the central story line is not even half the bizarre, fascinating, scientific, sexual, and historical content of this delightfully humorous yet somehow thematically serious novel. — Norman Spinrad, Asimov's SF Magazine

Paperback Turing & Burroughs ($16):Amazon  Barnes & Noble
Ebook Turing & Burroughs ( $1.95) AmazonTransreal Books
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Be Not Content, by William J. Craddock

Be Not Content is a coming-of-age novel set in San Jose, California in the early Sixties—describing William Craddock's experiences as a young acidhead.  This is a hip, profound, and wonderfully-written book, a unique chronicle of the earliest days of the great psychedelic upheaval.  Be Not Content is filled with warmth and empathy, tragic at times, and very funny in spots, a wastrel masterpiece where laughter plays counterpoint against the oboes of doom.  A mystical underground masterpiece that's been unobtainable for years.  Brought back to life by Transreal Books via an agreement with Craddock's estate.

• See book's home page for more info.

Paperback Be Not Content ($17) Amazon.
Ebook Be Not Content ($5.95) Amazon Nook Transreal Books
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Collected Essays

A lifetime of thought. Sixty essays and a hundred illustrations. Manifestos and talks about writing science-fiction. Memoirs of Silicon Valley and a writer's life. Computer graphics—cellular automata, artificial life, fractals, space curves, and virtual reality. Futurology. Digital immortality, artificial intelligence, and the birth of universal mind. Reminscences of Kurt Gödel, Martin Gardner, Robert Scheckley, William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Ivan Stang and Stephen Wolfram. Free web-page version online.

Ebook Collected Essays ($2.95) Amazon Transreal Books
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Better Worlds

January, 2015 edition. One hundred and eighteen fantastical paintings by science fiction master Rudy Rucker, including his commentaries on them. Rucker took up painting in 1999, when he was writing a novel about the Flemish old master, Peter Bruegel. Rucker's paintings are colorful and surreal, many with connections to his science-fiction novels.

• See book's home page for more info.

Paperback Better Worlds ($33) Amazon

The Hollow Earth

The Hollow Earth is a classic work of American steampunk. In 1836, Mason Algiers Reynolds leaves his family's Virginia farm with his father's slave, a dog named Arf, and a mule named Dammit. Branded a murderer, he finds sanctuary with his hero, frustrated genius Edgar Allan Poe, and together they embark on an extraordinary expedition to the South Pole, and the entrance to the Hollow Earth. It is there, at the center of the world, where strange physics, strange people, and stranger creatures abound, that their bizarre adventures truly begin.

"Terrific... A thrilling-wonder sci-fi novel... Rucker’s Poe is the most endearingly repulsive character I can recall having met in fiction." — Fantasy & Science Fiction.

A new ebook 3rd Edition of The Hollow Earth will appear by August, 2018, along with a new sequel Return to the Hollow Earth.

See my Kickstarter campaign for this project, running May 1 - 31, 2018

How To Make An Ebook

The tips, gotchas, and secret teachings of the pros. This small guide describes four paths to ebook creation, from the simple to the advanced. Professor Rucker's gleanings and teachings from years of software engineering and months of frenzied ebook programming. Get your distribution paths up to speed!

How To Make an Ebook ($1.95) Amazon

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